Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmaceutical sector is the fastest growing high tech industrial sector of Bangladesh which has rapidly evolved within the last few years with various achievements. Increased export earning, regulatory approval of USFDA, MHRA, TGA etc, improved GMP conformity, improved generic drug manufacturing skills meeting 98% of the local demand are few to describe. With all these achievements there are some lagging points in our overall pharmaceutical research in Bangladesh like lack of research on API synthesis, lack of facilities for bioequivalence study, lack of drug development research, import of some high-tech and biotechnological products like anticancer drugs, vaccines, insulin etc. Board of BCSIR approved to open “Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Division” in BCSIR Laboratories Dhaka at 224th board meeting held on 21st November 2011 to perform intensive research on pharmaceutical sciences. To strengthen the research capacities of this division in view of solving the existing problems of pharmaceutical sector of Bangladesh an ADP project proposal establishment of “Institute of Bioequivalence Studies and Pharmaceutical Sciences” was proposed which was approved by ECNEC on 14th November, 2017.

The proposed divisions of this institute are:

  1. APIs and Pharmaceutical Excipients Research Division,
  2. Quality Assurance Research Division,
  3. Drug Discovery and Bioassay Research Division,
  4. Dosage form Design Research Division and
  5. Bio-pharmaceutics Research Division

Completion and successful implementation of this project will create following facilities:

  • Facilities of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies which will be necessary to open doors of export to regulated market by local Pharma Industries.
  • Clinical research facilities for developing export quality Generic Drugs.
  • Pharmacokinetic parameters study of existing market drugs and newly developed drugs in order to assist the development of alternative formulations and route of administrations or both.
  • Development of improved synthetic and semi synthetic routes of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Pharmaceutical Excipients.
  • Necessary tests for analysis, quality control etc. for all kinds of pharmaceutical products, Herbal and Traditional Medicines etc.
  • To search for new drugs and prodrugs for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, ulcers, heart diseases etc. from natural sources such as plant, animal, microorganisms, marine organisms and synthetic compounds by means of approaches that vary in a complete spectrum between serendipitous or rational discovery.
  • To identify, isolate and purify compounds from biologically active mixtures and or herbal preparations and screen for numerous types of biological and pharmacological action and toxicological evaluation.
  • Using of recombinant DNA research as a source of scare or valuable human proteins such as growth hormone, antibodies, interferon and insulin.
  • Research collaboration between this institute with the Pharmaceutical Companies, Universities, Medical Colleges and Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathic degree awarding Colleges will be build up.


Pharmaceutical research provides a basis for the development of new approaches to combat human diseases. It can be basic (seeking an understanding of biological phenomena which are unknown) or applied (using principles which are known to produce a desired new product or effect). In either case, this research has the effect of obviating established therapies in favor of newer modalities which are safer or more effective.

Considering the importance of the pharmaceutical research, it is essential to take necessary steps to establish the ‘Institute for Bioequivalence Studies and Pharmaceutical Sciences’. If the project could implement precisely, it would make significant contribution on the pharmaceutical research and Bangladesh would be a net pharmaceutical exporter.

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