Domestic Oven





Major Raw Materials

Aluminum Sheet


Without any extra fuel system, you can make your choice of cakes, biscuits, pudding, bread, bunny, patties, roasted and other delicious meals, in a healthier way. Uses of it are very safe and durable.




In the new condition, to remove the odor from the inside of the oven, put a small amount of gas stove in the lid, and cover the lid for 2 hours and take 1 hour of heat for the lid. You can control the heat by observing the oven with triangular hole. Do not raise the oven as soon as the blaze rings around the burner. It has been found that under this condition the temperature of 350-450 degrees Fahrenheit (175-232 degrees Celsius) is generated in the oven.




A gas oven gives you greater control over your cooking temperature. Warm-up time is less with gas. Once you turn off the oven, cooking stops almost immediately. The instant on-off feature with gas cooking gives you complete freedom in good cooking. With electricity you need to allow some time for the oven to cool down. Some dishes may be affected by the prolonged high temperatures. Natural gas also cooks food more evenly than electricity. Gas ovens will give you better results in cooking.

Patent Details

Bangladesh Patent No. 1002228(1989)

Commercialization Status

Ready for Commercialization


To make any type of food it is necessary to keep the ignition of the stove gentle. If heat becomes high the food can be burnt and the oven is likely to be damaged. The oven lid should not be open until the food is ready. Use handle cloth while holding hot hen. Clean the inside of the oven sometimes.


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Ecological/Environmental Impact

It has no adverse effect on the environment


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