Preparation of lignin based Resin

BCSIR Laboratories, Dhaka

Pulp and Paper Research Division (PPRD)




Production of Resin from lignin

(phenol formaldehyde)


Plywood adhesives


Used as adhesives in plywood and particle board 

Salient Features


Used as a glue for the preparation of

  • plywood
  • particle board

Scale of Development

Laboratory scale

Major Raw Materials

Lignin, Phenol and Formaldehyde

Major Plant Equipment/ Machinery


Details of Specific application

Used as a glue for the preparation of plywood and particle board

Status of Development

Lignin extracted from different biomass and 50% phenol substituted by lignin and resin prepared

Patenting details

Not applied

Commercialization status

Ready for commercialization


Available in demand

Key words

Lignin, resin, plywood, additives, particle board 


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