Neem Based Cream

Chemical Research Division

BCSIR Laboratories, Dhaka


A Process for the Production of Neem Based Cream


Men & Women


Antibacterial skin care cream

To develop an appropriate technology & to find out better utilization of indigenous raw materials in the field of public health care. This Neem Based Cream  is rich ,anti bacterial, luxurious and moisturizing cream. Neem Based Cream leaves the skin with smooth, silky feeling while minimizing the irritation associated with some local Cream


Scale of Development

The process is already under  commercialization

Major Raw Material

 Neem , Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol  and Glycerin

Major Plant Equipment/Machinery

SS Vat fitted with stirrer, balance, feeling machine & water bath.

Details of specific application

This product is mainly used for  Men & Women

Status of Development

This process is accepted by the BCSIR authority and it is already commercialized

Ecological/Environmental Impact(if any, specify briefly

This process is environment friendly and after commercialization this product able to fulfill our national demand

Patenting details

Patented filed in future

Commercialization Status

Already commercialized


Available on demand

Cost of product


Key wards

 Neem , Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol  and Glycerin




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