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A Process for the Production of Herbal Body Oil


Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent is specialized for baby skins and sensitive skins.


For healthy looking skin.

Herbal Body oil is mainly intended for the purpose of skin care and Body messaging. Natural and aromatic range of Herbal body oils are used to gain a fresh feeling. Herbal Body Oils are made from natural oils and herbal extracts. It is aromatic and accentuates our senses. It has cleansing properties and antiseptic activities due to the presence of Turmeric ad Neem





Scale of Development

The process is standardized at bench scale.

Major Raw Material

Vegetable oil, Turmeric extract, Neem oil etc.

Major Plant Equipment/Machinery

Grinder, M.S. with all accessories, Mesh 40-80, Soxhlet  extractor, Spring Balance and water bath.

Details of specific application

Herbal Body Oil is mainly intended for the purpose of skin care and Body messaging.

Status of Development

This process is verified by the BCSIR authority and it is ready for acceptance.

Ecological/Environmental Impact(if any, specify briefly

This process is environment friendly and after commercialization this product able to fulfill our national demand.

Patenting details

Patented filed in future.

Commercialization Status

This process is ready for acceptance.


Available on demand.

Key wards

 Vegetable oil, Turmeric extract, Neem oil etc.

Cost of product

440 Tk/ L


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