Citizen Charter

Citizen Charter of BCSIR laboratories, Dhaka

  • The research achievements are published in the reputed national and international journals that are necessary for the students engaged in higher education and scientists as well
  • The experienced scientists of different disciplines co-supervise the research works of the MPhil and PhD students of the universities as co-supervisor
  • The process developed by the scientists are offered to the entrepreneurs’ as leased out process for production
  • Molecular detection and quantification of different elements and contaminants of food, feed and other samples by real time PCR, protein analyzer, LC MS AAS, FTIR and other different analytical services
  • The scientists of these laboratories visit different factories and industries every year to chalk out their problems and try their best to mitigate those.
  • GMO testing, bird-flu detection and other microbiological services are provided.
  • Different products and goods imported from abroad are analyzed. As a result appropriate measurement about the quality of the product can be ascertained which helps government getting revenue.
  • In order to set the tube-wells of the projects at right place, water and sand samples of deep and shallow tube-well were analyzed in this laboratory which played vital role for the success of the project.
  • Different types of fertilizers supplied by different sugar mills are analyzed in these laboratories. As a result, it has become possible to produce improved quality sugar cane for which growers are benefited much.
  • Different goods and products supplied by different private agencies and entrepreneurs are analyzed in these laboratories which help them to produce quality goods and products.
  • Dissemination of knowledge and information about technological achievements of the scientists through exhibition, seminar and workshop
  • Arrangement of science fair each and every year as part of implementation of BCSIR Act -2013 in order to flourish the intelligence of young scientists of school and college level

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